Waking up in bra and panties with clothes stolen! by Sleeping Girl

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Waking up in bra and panties with clothes stolen! by Sleeping Girl

Post by PhilMarlowe » Thu May 14, 2020 11:29 pm

Sleeping Girl wrote: Waking up in bra and panties with clothes stolen! by Sleeping Girl

I was once sleeping over at my friends house one weekend after school. It hadn't been planned so I had no sleepwear so I ended up sleeping in my bra and panties. This wasn't a big deal as I would just quickly put my school stuff back on in the morning and get changed at home. Anyway not thinking anything of it we ended up sleeping on the couch and floor of the living room. I dibsed the coach and we stayed up laying watching junk on TV. It was the next morning everything went wrong.

My friend had to go to ballet but it didn't matter as i'd been staying over since I was little so her parents didn't mind me being there I was like part of the the family. I'm a deep sleeper and so didn't hear them go, usually I'd have jumped up to get changed at that point but I ended up snoozing for a couple more hours.

During that time her little sister had gotten up and was annoyed that the sofa wasn't available for her to watch Saturday morning cartoons, not only that but I had the remote somewhere with me. She tried to wake me but I ignored her, It was then she tried to find it. Be lifting up the covers she had discovered that I was only in my underwear. Instead of continuing to look for the remote she carefully replaced the covers and went about her dastardly plan.

First she stole my school clothes running them upstairs, this was already a funny prank for her but as she got back down she got brave and carefully removed the duvet. It was a warm morning and so I didn't notice and quickly I was left laying there in just my pink and white stripped panties and plain white bra with a little pink ribbon between the cups. I was snoozing in a very unladylike like position with my legs spread apart my arms above my head and I was snoring. after carefully taking it off me she ran the covers upstairs too leaving me with little option for coverage. She then came back down laughing quietly at her game. she then removed from the room all the pillows that I could have used to cover myself and also the washing basket full of dirty clothes.

I was still snoozing in this god awful position as she got her camera to take a few choice snaps of me. Obviously seeing how far she could push it she went into the kitchen and found one of her baby sisters dummy's (Pacifiers for USA readers) She snuck back in and put it in my open gob. To her delight I didn't spit it out and she got some more great shots like that. After my sleeping photo shoot she had one last plan for me, being really careful she maneuvered my hand and put it down the front of my knickers so it looked like I was playing with myself in my sleep or had fallen asleep doing so.

She took one last picture before heading upstairs again. Her brother a year older than me and my friend had also been having a sleep over in his room. She woke them up and told them to come down stairs quietly. They did so and found me fast asleep in just my panties and bra with my hand down the front of my knickers with a dummy in my mouth. I don't know how long they were there staring at me but I woke up to see three teenage boys staring at me. It was then I noticed to my shame I was half naked and looked like I was playing with myself. I jumped up trying to find the covers that were nowhere to be seen.

My clothes were also gone and I couldn't find anything to cover myself. My friends sister was almost in hysterics almost wetting herself laughing. I was beet red and made a run for my friends room only to find it locked. The younger girl found me crying trying to get in the room. She lent me a dress which where miles too small and kept exposing my panties to wear the rest of the morning, however the boys had already seen my underwear so I was just glad to have something to wear. I confronted my friend about it later thinking it was her doing but her sister burst out laughing and showed us the photos. My friend found it hilarious, I didn't.
Anonymous wrote: Blackmail by Anonymous

Did the sister use the photos to blackmail you into doing other things?
Janienudiepants wrote: Me, too... by Janienudiepants

I thought it was hilarious as well! lol Nice story, now we want more! lol


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