The Prefect

Stories about girls getting pantsed, stripped and humiliated by anyone or anything.
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Re: The Prefect

Post by salen » Wed May 13, 2020 2:42 pm

Wow, my favorite chapter so far in this series.

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The Prefect, Part Fourteen

Post by *Lady Lucia* » Thu May 21, 2020 7:46 pm

Annie and Caroline watched in fascination as their devious friend convinced the prefect before them to keep doing such improper things. This was SO exciting! Not only was Elise practically naked, but Kaitlyn managed to coerce the older girl to reveal herself. Unfortunately, the redhead’s body still blocked their vision, so they could only watch in suspended anticipation.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn was thoroughly enjoying herself. This wasn’t the first girl she had stripped. Any time a girl crossed her at Edgewood, she was quick to put that girl in her place. But she had never done something like this with an older girl before, let alone a prefect. And never so calmly and slowly. Normally her plans involved stranding a girl naked in the locker room, or glueing her skirt to her chair at lunch. But Elise…the flustered blonde was willingly showing off more and more of her body. ‘Willingly,’ with a good amount of conditions and pressure, but willingly nonetheless.

As she pulled Elise’s hands away, Kaitlyn got a perfect view of the blonde’s bare breasts. The perky 34Bs were just as pale as the rest of Elise’s body, her little pink nipples slightly hardened. No doubt from the cold of being undressed, or maybe from Elise’s touch as she covered herself up until now.

The redhead was almost jealous, but managed to keep a calm expression. While Elise’s chest wasn’t quite as impressive as Kaitlyn’s, the prefect’s breasts looked annoyingly good when on display. Kaitlyn always thought her own looked much better while clothed or in a bra. She wasn’t quite as perky when fully topless, which was annoying at times. Obviously boys didn’t mind, as a topless girl is still a topless girl. But looking at the exposed blonde just reminded her of that mild annoyance at her own body.

Knowing she couldn’t stare forever, the controlling redhead brought her gaze back up to Elise’s face. “Good girl, Elise” she smiled, bringing the prefect’s hands all the way down to her sides. “We’re all girls here, remember? Are you going to freak out and cover up…?”

“Umm…” Elise trailed off. How was this happening?? She was topless in front of a first-year. Totally topless. But…there were all those things she said. Or rather, that Kaitlyn said. It was getting difficult to remember things clearly.

She wouldn’t complain.
She wouldn’t make a fuss.
She wouldn’t be stuck up.
She wouldn’t make a big deal out of nothing.
She wouldn’t freak out.

Did all that outweigh the fact that she was topless? These were first-years! She was their prefect! This was wrong. This was inappropriate.

In the lingering silence following Kaitlyn’s last question, Elise desperately thought everything through, trying to be logical. Lightly blushing at the realization that her breasts were continually on display as Kaitlyn gently held her hands all the way down by her sides. And yet, she couldn’t find the strength to attempt to cover up.

Somehow, Elise found a way to justify this mortifying turn of events: Kaitlyn already saw her boobs. The damage was done. The best she could do now was to make that exposure count.

“Yes, Miss Kaitlyn…” she sighed, not thinking twice about the title that was already becoming a habit at this point.

“Answer properly, my little prefect,” Kaitlyn smiled, still gazing into Elise's eyes, “You won’t freak out?”

“I won’t freak out.”

“Miss Kaitlyn.”

“I won’t freak out, Miss Kaitlyn…”

“You won’t cover up?”

“I won’t cover up, Miss Kaitlyn.”

“You’re okay hanging out while topless?”

“I-“ Elise’s voice caught in her throat. She didn’t want to say it. It was wrong. But what choice did she have? She continued echoing the words, mumbling the awful phrase, “I’m okay hanging out while topless, Miss Kaitlyn."

The redhead leaned in and gave Elise a brief kiss on the cheek before she could shy away from the intimate gesture. “Good girl,” Kaitlyn whispered. She pulled back before Elise could freak out about the kiss, and then made short work of exposing the blonde to the others. Kaitlyn knew she was pushing her luck with that last question, but she couldn’t resist. Letting go of Elise’s hands, the redhead scooped up Annie’s borrowed button-down on the floor where Elise dropped it in her haste to strip. Then she returned to her desk, adding the garments to the ever growing stack of clothes beside her.

Somehow, Elise managed to find the courage to keep her hands by her sides, even when she was reminded of the presence of the other girls in the room. Frozen by both nervousness and embarrassment from this whole situation, and the faint fear of things somehow getting even worse for her if she covered up.

The two brunettes couldn’t help but gasp and stare. Elise. A prefect who normally did room inspections and enforced curfew for them. The slightly slutty clothes and the short lesbian kiss were one thing. Both were fun to watch and participate in, especially since it was a girl like Elise was doing it, rather than one of their peers. But now, the normally authoritative blonde now stood with her boobs blatantly showing. It was unreal. Aside from the amusingly short red checkered skirt, almost every inch of Elise's fair skin was on display.

“Annie, my dear?” Kaitlyn said. She glanced over to the short brunette, a teasing lilt in her voice. “I believe it’s your turn! Do you have a task for Elise?”

“Hmm…” Annie looked towards Elise in thought. It was impossible to not stare at the prefect’s bare breasts. I mean, they were right there. Totally on display. There was the obvious task, of course. Removing the skirt. But that was almost too easy, and Annie was nicer than Kaitlyn. The nearly naked prefect deserved a minute to breathe before being more exposed, as Kaitlyn would obviously find a way to do away with the skirt no matter what. “Oh, I’ve got one!” she exclaimed, thinking of something a little more creative.

“Hold on,” Kaitlyn held up a finger before Annie could continue. “Elise. My little prefect. Are you ready for your fourth task? Answer properly.”

Elise desperately wished she could slam on the brakes. She almost spoke up and objected about it being Annie’s turn, since Annie would be fourth if they kept going in order. After all, Elise just stripped. To a timer, no less. Surely she was on task five or six. Looking back, however, she realized Kaitlyn managed to get her to do all of that for free. The third task was to go commando, bra included. Somehow, that escalated into stripping as quickly as possible, and then showing her boobs to all three girls. And yet, no task was ever mentioned. Even worse, she already agreed to keep her hands down.

The blonde nervously glanced down towards her bare breasts. She knew what they looked like. She saw them every day when putting on or taking off a bra. But seeing them in this context just made her blush all over again. Because she wasn’t topless in her room. She was topless in Kaitlyn’s room. In front of three first-year girls.

Deep down, Elise knew she should call this off. Every second that passed just made her feel more exposed. And yet, she found herself reluctantly answering Kaitlyn instead. Blushing at the way the redhead kept addressing her in the most disrespectful ways.

“Yes, Miss Kaitlyn…” Elise quietly said. Still glancing down at her bare chest. “I’m ready for my fourth task…”

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